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Who is KEREN K and what is her music?

Keren K is a famous dancer and choreographer from Israel, was on the israeli TV , and work with a lot of artists a lot if years in London and Paris.

In the last 3 years after, I dance all over the world, I start to write music and go to the front of the stage. Almost all of my songs based on my experience from my traveling the world and of course about love.

“MUCHACHO” is a song I write in island in the Caribbean, about a guy that wanted to change me… and I just say: “no way ,, hay, hay, hay MUCHACHO”

We (director and me) shoot the music video in Malibu California , in a big mansion cuz I love the view of this place. The actor in the music video is spanish model his name Alejandro and we are good friends.

I write this song “MUCHACHO” because everybody is looking all around the world the for the ones that will be their world and make them happy.

Soon a lot remixes will come to…

Now I live in Los Angeles still dance and perform with my music its gonna be new show now “Muchacho Show”. And soon I will release more songs in Los Angeles, California.

I love the Mexican people and Spanish people cuz they always happy and good spirit so im gonna have a new song in spanish soon to

The guy community really close to my heart and I love to perform in their parties

,, (you can take the muchacho from vevo or youtube)

Kiss and thank you


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