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Why did you choose the name ‘Imaginary Friends’ for your EP?

 ‘Imaginary Friends’ represent the blurry, dark atmosphere of the entire EP. The full sentence is “Imaginary friends are vain”, and it’s taken from the song ‘Pretty Handy’. It speaks of a man that is at constant war with the world for no reason, all because he listens to his vain, fictional little friends that poison his mind and make him bitter.

Little imaginary friends exist within every one of us, standing in the middle of the road and interfering with our way to the truth of any given situation. I believe the truth is usually our instinct, but our imaginary friends, that feed on society’s make believes, are holding a black curtain in front of us. And so we fail to read the core, and we often end up believing that the world is against us, when it’s actually just our low self esteem babbling nonsense. 

In each of the videos you’ve created, you’ve mixed reality with fiction. Does this mix have a special meaning for you?

It really does! I’m a realist that lives in a world of imagination. I’d move my house there if I could. I love fantasies, they make me happy. I like imagination’s endless opportunities, the unbelievable options fantasy gives me for beginnings and endings. Reality alone is a bit depressing at times, and the fantasy world is a great way of escape for me to fill my batteries. Imagination is the happy place that unite people and worlds, it’s the reason that Music and Art exists. It’s food for a dying soul. It’s everything.

Do you consider yourself a multifaceted artist?

Yes. I think it’s a complementary way of saying that I’m a curious person with lots of interests, and they happen to mostly be in the Art field. 

I do love creating things. But in general, if it’s interesting and there’s a fair chance that I’ll be able to comprehend it, I’ll go ahead and try. Won’t anyone?

Music was, is, will always be my one true love – melody won’t let me get away. But Art is a tremendous part of the puzzle. I can’t help but mix it all up to try and describe the full picture from my point of view. And for that I use all the guns I have, as they say.

Picture: Michelle Elle

Do you have any special plans for this year?

A full album is in process, and a special video project too! Soon, hopefully. I’m a terrible perfectionist, so I always think things will go faster than they actually do. I cause all the delays – not only because I practically do everything myself so unfortunately there’s no one else to blame, but because I find it hard releasing projects before I’m happy with them, and that sometimes never happens. I’m working on letting go, I really am.

Fans are waiting for your live show as well as the debut full album. Do you have dates for them to stay tuned for?

I can’t give dates yet but I can promise you this – what I’m working on at the moment is very unique, so be sure to check it out upon release! 

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