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Who is JINGO and what is her music?

Jingo consists of myself (Jack), my wife (Katie), Joe and Nima. Joe and I met Katie in New York in 2010 but didn’t form a band until 2013 after Katie and I had got married and she had moved to London. Our music has a bit of a mix of styles and its hard to put any specific genre to it. However, we tend to write music that has a deep rooted foundation of raw energy and passion

What does your music express?

Katie writes the lyrics and here is something she said about our latest single ‘Ghost in the machine’: “Science and logic of today points to the notion that biology, whether of the individual or society as a whole works and behaves like the cogs of a machine, but is there some invisible force, some “soul” for lack of a better word that drives us, something eternal and undetectable that makes us more than the sum of our parts?”

Tell us about your songs

We have a lot of songs after only 2 years but again, there is a big mix of styles and lyrical content. Katie usually sings about emotions and draws influences from things going on around her.

How long have you been in music?

We have all been playing music in different projects for a long time but only been together in this project since March 2013

When will your new album come out, and official video?

Our new EP will be out on September 18th and the official video for our new single ‘Ghost in the Machine’ will be out in mid August

Who are your influences?

Not Blood Paint, BRNS, Radiohead, Steve Nelson, Bailiff, Jeff Buckley, Interpol, Lana Del Rey, Wolf Alice, Prince.

What are the plans for this year?

We will have our EP launch in London at The Borderline on Oct 29th and then we will be doing 2 more tours in France and Germany towards the end of the year. After that we plan on putting together the pieces for our next album.

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