Interview with… Lady Lacrima

By: Skelecalaco

Who is LADY LACRIMA and what is her music?

Lady Lacrima is a very strong and warm hearted person which finds her excitement in writing lyrics and training her voice in different kind of styles. Additionally I like to work with people all over the world and to combine many influences with each other. My music at the moment is very electronic and deep of tone. However there will be changes very soon to a heavier way as seen in metal music.  

What does your music express? (Tell us about your songs)

My music expresses my feelings in regards to a variety of subjects such as society, heartaches and political situations. I love to write a lyric about subjects which I’m very interested in and feel strongly for. “Psychedelic” was the first single and there I was very critically expressing the vibe in society and what happens to people because of it.

How long have you been in music?

I started to make music at a very early age. At first I was influenced by instruments like the flute, keyboard and guitar. But during that I noticed that I prefer to sing rather than playing an instrument. So I started to sing more often and quite soon I already had my first bands to practice with. I noticed however that I need to work on and improve my voice to meet my own standard so I decided to start a classical vocal training which I finished as a lyrical soprano. Since then I work in projects with musicians all over the world and train my vocals even more. So in total I would say that I’m busy with music since 25 years.

When will your new album come out, and official video?

At the moment I am preparing my second single “Standing in the rain” but I plan to release my mini EP Thoughtful Moments by the end of 2015. Around that time my first official video will be released as well.

Who are your influences?

My influences are mainly bands like Marillion, After Forever, Nightwish, Stream of Passion and of course Revamp.

What are the plans for this year?

So far this year is quite tightly scheduled with my second single release, the preparations for the mini EP and the creation of my internet page. Also the creation of the video is already in the planning phase.

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