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Who is METHANE and what is her music?

Methane is fueled by: Tim Scott, bass and vocals; Jimi Masterbo, lead guitar; Dylan Campbell, guitar, backing vocals; Andreas Strom, drums.

Southern Groove Metal , thrashmetal , metal … 

What does your music express?

Lyricly our songs are about life’s hard knocks, basically punching it back in the face. Musicaly we release our inner demons through aggressive , distorted riffing. 

Tell us about your songs

We have 2 extended version singles out at the moment the first “Southern Metal” and our newest release “Spit on Your Grave”. 

The latest ,Spit, is dedicated to those people who you come across in life who don’t have their own life and talk shit behind your back, you know that guy. The song developed actually after a long process of writing and rewriting to where we really got a killer edge on with thrash riffs blended with country and heavy grooves . We are real happy with it. The same with the B side song “Blood,Sweat and Beer”. It’s more of a party song that I hope you can relate to the lyrics in a personal way. 

How long have you been in music?

I myself have played bass since I was 12 years old. I have played in Revenant (Nuclear Blast Rec.), HatePlow (Arctic Rec.) with Rob from Cannibal Corpse, here in Sweden I recorded with Volturyon (Vicisolem rec.) and Bifrost record’s Margrave. 

Methane is a relatively new project started in 2013, with the idea to get back to my thrashmetal roots. 

When will your new album come out, and official video?

We are in the planing stages of a new video for the ‘Spit on Your Grave’ single which we have just released digitaly in July. 

As far as the album is concerned, the recording is finished. We are going to be shopping it to producers and record companies for awhile, so don’t expect a quick release. I can tell you that the new songs on the album are intense and the older songs have been taken to a whole other level. 

Who are your influences?

40- 50 years of hardrock and metal music and a lifetime of misery drowned in alcohol and anger.

What are the plans for this year?

Our plans to tour the states this fall looks like they will unfortunately be put on hold for a while. We are booking Europe now for the fall, with Sweden being our focus in October.


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