Interview with… Shinobi Ninja

By: Snupy Te Escribe

Who is Shinobi Ninja and what is her music?

Shinobi Ninja is a rock band from Brooklyn NY that consist of 6 band members. We are an eclectic band that plays a lil bit of rock, funk, hip hop and pop mixed together.

What does your music express?

Our music is an expression of positivity, love, peace,  and unity. We express ourselves thru our rock.

Tell us about your songs

We like to rock so our music sounds like rock music, lol, but it has a lot of different elements to it. It has a great pop like feel to it. There’s something for everybody to relate to.

How long have you been in music?

We all have been doing music before the band formed, but as a band we have been together for 7 years.

When will your new album come out, and official video?

We are not sure when our new album will come out. It will be sooner than later. The official video would drop before the album does.

Who are your influences?

We are all influenced by several different artist like Metallica, Notorious BIG and Janet Jackson. There’s so many to name them all.

What are the plans for this year?

We are always writing new music and working on new things.



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