From the immemorial times, a beautiful woman arises who is passionate about her dark style in a segment of RockPop. Fortunately I’m flattered to hear and watch his video “Alpha Girl”, it reminds me of scenes from the 80s, where humanity is manipulated between bonds of hopelessness and senseless, but among that essence there is always someone who believes in that love deep of a new world (MadMax movie) …

This great video has taught me that the reflection of women who come to a Venus Ferrari is something sensational, for its great fashion that inspires and creates cheerful and inclusive gothic designs, its talent, crossed borders between music, fashion and its enigmatic style raw .

Venus Ferrari is an English singer of influences Industrial Rock combining touches of Pop to break them into euphoric rhythms.

These are the opinions that his followers make through his YouTube channel Venus Ferrari:

“Lyrics, energy + glamor, these” girls “rocked, thumbs up !!!”

“So move, it only makes you happy to be alive”

“A great video, an 80’s atmosphere with a dance floor sound with rock guitars”

“Fabulous! Believe me, I know her and she is really a great talent”

“#GirlPower! I can not wait to see them on Tour! This is amazing! :)”

Now you know why it is a beauty of feminine power, this great talent is the revelation of the year, Meet this great talent in Skelerock: Singer, composer and Glam Pop Rebel.

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