Mrs X recommends a great band  “Keymono” music fused in cool and dazzling sounds, their sympathy has led them to know parallel paths in the world …

Their peculiar song makes me feel alive and momentary is as if Keymono, I was describing stories of dances, of sensation that go on during the night, they are simply fantastic !!!

Today I want to tell you that you have the opportunity to listen live, you feel all that energy that they transmit in their concerts because they are EPIC !!!

It’s a great band from Lithuania / London that had another name during its beginnings but better than he left a criterion that wandered a bit on the internet and discovered its great songs like “Wake Up”, “Morning”, “Go”, between Other themes.

They are music that will make you fall in love instantly and of course to share it with your partner … I leave your most recent song called “Once More”, enjoy it, you will love it from start to finish …



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