Mrs X brings to your ears a good album and interpretation of this super great youth band: “The Dirty Denims”.

They are undoubtedly the extraordinary heritage of Classic Rock that has carried out its influence in the evolution of modern years on a trip. Rockmansional, he is so rebellious, friendly and very nice.

Listen to those rhythms that constantly move. music that has cheered this great group … Its shows that it’s bigger than when you listen and you make this band, they make you chant until you get left behind, it’s so catchy, memorable and very funny because you can feel that energy of youth … it has a great passion to show what it is “Dirty “at #Rock, what its simplicity of each of the members makes it recognizable by its musical style.

Listen to this great band, I assure you that it is one of the most important bands within the European festivals and why not also see them in Mexico.


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