I (MRS X) feel very happy and very successful thanks to this beautiful music that I found in the surroundings of this beautiful world called: Earth. I do not imagine that when traveling through small countries you could find warm music that they emit inside a disc called “Moon Bordeaux”, which is an exquisite album that tells the stories of the golden stories, so simple, so sweet so perfect that makes us taste a good wine, accompanied by a good meal at the side of your partner …

This great moment of the album “Moon Bordeaux” enhances the colors of our thoughts that between the illuminated paths the contours of the melodies, it is so euphoric that the voice of the singer Suzan Kocher that transmit part of the time to the future full of hope, her songs. They are so sublime and mystical that it carries a mystery of sensation.
Suzan Kocher has won my heart … he considered that his music will fill latent stories, full of humor, love, and fantasy. I feel that this debut in the great album “Moon Bordeaux” has told us that the common people of our ancestors. his music motivates me to listen to him again and again.
Songs like Cinnamon, The Circus, Blood Red Wine is a legacy for many years, I recommend this great band with a lot of pride and talent.
Wonderfully done in Europe
Know them! You will love it !!!



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