(MRS X) I bring you a super band of “Massive Rock” that delights our generations, that is, their style, their composition, their rhythm to sing songs like “WAR“, makes me feel more the youth of glamor. I like his humor, his way of transmitting his songs in my ears because I see in it the sensations of enjoying it on the roads and even the inspirations to learn to play and create a rock band …

His freshness is momentarily enveloping … since we met them through his YouTube page (L.A. Cobra), which is very interesting to see and hear his official videos, he has an unmemorable talent to enjoy and our heavy days in a turbid Exciting energy and flush !!!

Composed by Don Cobra (voice and guitar), Slade (lead guitar and Vox accompaniment), Ewil Honey (bass and background vocals) and The Animal (drums), give life to the band L.A. COBRA; See all your friends and your best known and talented friends who will dare to discover your album “Shotgun Slinger” is an excellent album to delight in parties, friends or just put it as many times as they want because they will not stop once you listen. .. it is an emotional addiction to listen to this album because we raise your Rock vigor, it is much easier to live with your partner because you can enjoy making love … it is simply sensational !!!

I highly recommend this band to follow, here I leave your material and websites.


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